Hello, Thank You For Visiting Steppin'Out Boutique, bringing you Things That Bling since 2013. My goal is to provide you with exceptional customer service and a wonderful online shopping experience.

Mother of Two, Wife, and all that's done behind the scenes at Steppin'Out Boutique. Turning my Hobby Into My Passion!!!! I've always had an entrepreneur spirit. After joining several of HomeBased business that offered great products, along with a wonderful compensation plan I found myself not having the energy and time to put into it having two small children at the time. August 2011, I started selling clothing, shoes, and jewelry which in return made great money, but it really wasn't what I wanted to do along the way. I wanted a business where I could generally also be apart in not just selling my products, but also creating and designing them. That is when a lightbulb came on for me! Once my daughter joined dance I started making custom tutu dance bags with rhinestones and more as a hobby. Many asked if they could purchase, from there the bags started to sell and the world of bling became a thing for me in 2013. I ended up creating two custom rhinestone shirts setting each stone by hand one by one. Yes, very time consuming and this is how my world of making things that bling became my passion. I always Thank Him in advance, but remember NOBODY can STOP GODS plans.

Thanks for your Business/Support and I look forward to

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